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Our Story

Our Story

Welcome to Launch Gear, the world's first patented adaptive landing gear system for 2-wheel motorcycles.

Travis Snow and Ted Kilroy were lifelong motorcycle enthusiasts before their injuries. But the duo was not the type to let a disability curtail their love for riding. It was their passion for riding that fueled their desire to see others with disabilities feel the rush of the two-wheel ride. After trying countless other adaptive systems that were unsafe or unsuitable for day-to-day riding, Ted and Travis took matters into their own hands. And so, Launch Gear was born.

Sure, there are other garage-built adaptive systems out there. But the Launch Gear technology reigns supreme. Why? Because Launch Gear combines simplicity with high-quality materials to create a safe and fun way for the disabled motorcycle enthusiast to ride once more and the curious novice to feel the wind at their backs. Through trial and error and years of riding, Ted and Travis came up with two systems that work: the original rear landing gear system and a new center stand system.

Preview the Technology





Join us as we accelerate into the future of adaptive riding.

We want to enable every disabled motorcycle enthusiast to ride once more.

It's a lofty mission, we know. And as a young start up, we can use all the help we can get.

We are currently in the prototyping phase, and are looking to partner with an organization that can help us share the Launch Gear technology with the world.

If our cause speaks to you, we encourage you to contact us below. 

Thank you.


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